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The 8 O’Clock Show a success

A scene of the performance from the 8 O'clock Show PIC: COURTESY OF T. CHIHAMBAKWE | ZIMBOJAM.COM

Starting new concepts on the showbiz scene in Zimbabwe is a scary adventure as the probability of making a profit is very minimal but when one does their home work well and comes up with a concept that is unique, they can go home with a profit and a happy audience.

This was the case at Alliance Francaise Theatre on Friday last week as the inaugural edition of the monthly musical experience, The 8 O’clock Show roared to life.

The theatre was packed to capacity and at exactly 8 pm the show commenced.

The five acts namely, Squash, Adrian Tate, Tyatan, Taz and Prayersoul who combined to form one group backed by the band Shabach were on fire, giving the revellers some sweet soulful jams that got ladies in the house to scream and melt as the boys sang their hearts out.

With the five vocalists rotating to lead songs at regular intervals, the energy levels of the show were maintained at a high making it difficult for one to step out to get a smoke or a drink as there would be a moment that would definitely escape them.

One after the other, all the acts showed off their vocal prowess but, it was Adrian Tate who showed that he is a cut above the rest as he dazzled the ladies with his flawless runs and seductive dances.

By mixing their original compositions and doing covers of yesteryear love jams, the artists gave the audience who had paid a cool $20, a taste of the past, the current and the future.

However, whilst everything else was on point, there is need for the band to practice the songs to be presented well enough so that they are always in sync, get into the mood of each act and interpret each song well.

There were instances when the band would struggle with some genres and ace it with some. Such inconsistences cannot be tolerated when people are paying a gate fee of $20.

The dates and acts for the next edition are yet to be announced but with such a start, only fireworks can be expected.

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