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Behold, KOSHA is here!


The quality of music products produced locally has improved rapidly over the past 12 months. Sadly though, very few artists have enjoyed the fruits of their labour beyond popularity and this is mainly because our industry is lacking key monetisation understanding, especially on the digital space where music consumption has migrated to.

However, all this is set to change with the coming in of a new player on the scene in the form of a brand management company called KOSHA Management.

The brand management company held an official launch in the capital recently where it announced it was here to change the music game in Zimbabwe alongside its key partner, JUNGLE Entertainment Ventures.

“As KOSHA management we have formed synergies with various local and international brands to ensure that local musicians get to benefit from the digital evolution taking place world over in the music sector,” said KOSHA head, Tannia Ngwenya.

“Imagine if the millions of Zimbabweans in the UK could just spend a $1 per day or week buying local content online, artists would get millions by simply singing and uploading music onto online stores.

” Our Nigerian brothers have done it and they are enjoying the fruits of it,” she added.

Ngwenya continued saying that there is however need for artists to push hard in terms of marketing their products.

“The digital evolution comes with its challenges and one them is that the artist needs to push their brand aggressive and strategically online so that they have visibility that attracts consumers.

“Without an aggressive drive there is no way that they can fully benefit from the evolution.”

Ushering in what they have coined the #NewSchool of Zimbabwean entertainment, KOSHA presented their headline of fully managed brands consisting of both diaspora and local based stars.

Brands presented include; Hillzy, Dobba Don, Alchemy, Drippy Hippy, WaMambo and media personality Umlilo_ – the only female on the line up, and interestingly the only non music brand.

“We seek to extend on the vision they set out to achieve last year with their flagship brand, Takuralife aka Mr Okay Okay, and continue to redefine the parameters that currently exist in our cultural industry,” read a statement from KOSHA.

KOSHA Management is a digital oriented brand management and marketing firm whose vision is the successful international export of Southern African brands.

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