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Boity to host Davido concert

The highly anticipated Davido concert slated for the HICC on April 21 just got hotter as South African TV presenter, model and actress, Boity Thulo, has been announced as the host of the show.

Thulo who was voted the sexiest South African for two years in a row, raises the anticipation of many Zimbabweans who were thinking the show was just going to be another failed attempt at bringing the ‘Fall’ singer.

Another factor that changes the dynamics this time around as compared to last year’s drama which saw Davido failing to show up on two occasions is that the big money spender, flamboyant businessman, Ginimbi has also been roped into the deal by the country’s leading promoters, 2Kings Entertainment.

Ginimbi has not been actively involved in showbiz over the years but he annually makes headlines with his “infamous” all white parties at his mansion in Domboshawa or if he is feeling like going all the way up he can host some eyebrow-raising yacht parties in Mzansi.

The classy trend that Ginimbi has set at his parties is set to be maintained at the Davido concert as the businessman is planning to make the show an all-white event

“My guy this is not an ordinary show. It’s an all-white party. Boity is already on board to make sure this gig is truly five-star. This is how we roll. Zimbabwean showbiz is about to witness a great transformation, and we are going to be part of that,” said Ginimbi, whose Liquor Boyz project has also taken Harare by storm.

Meanwhile, the main attraction on the big day, Davido, has apologised to his Zimbabwean fans for the mishaps that occurred last year.

Speaking in a video announcing the gig Davido said, “…it’s your boy Davido and I will be coming back to Zimbabwe, for real this time. I want to apologise to all my fans that have been waiting for me out there. There’s just been a few minor problems but I will be live in Harare on the 21st of April at the HICC.”

He also acknowledged his big brother Ginimbi in the video.

He continued, “My big brother Ginimbi is bringing me down. It’s going to be crazy. We going to be hosted by Boity. It is going to be all madness.”

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