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Breaking Emotions on the Pavement

A scene from the play Broken Pavement | PIC: COURTESY OF T. Chihambakwe & Zimbojam

If you thought a movie like the ‘Titanic’ was very emotional, especially when disaster strikes then you gotta hold that thought for a minute and watch Zimbabwe’s dance production, ‘Broken Pavement’.

The production, like the ‘Titanic’ is also based on a true story of one of Zimbabwe’s renowned dancers, and now creative director of Jibilika Dance Trust, Blessing ‘Christyles’ Fire.

After being born wheelchair bound, Christyles and the 4GO10 Tribe take in a well-choreographed manner, narrate to the story of how he struggled to be accepted in his own family as well as the society.

But by sheer determination and a strong passion for dance, Fire gets a new perspective of life and uses his uniqueness to be recognized amongst some of the top dancers of his time.

The Brian Geza choreographed production also showcases the encounters that physically challenged children face in schools and the communities they grow in.

It takes a while before people can accept that individual and at times can force one to go into isolation.

Eventually, when people then realise that Fire has something special, in fact, something way more precious than they have, they embrace him and together they manage to build a strong dance group.

It’s a priceless show and HIFA did well by letting this production debut at this year’s festival.

Geza now hopes that they will get admission into some international festivals so they can go share this amazing story with the rest of the world.

“Am really happy that the production came out well. We did not have much time to rehearse as well as funds to sustain but with the little we had we managed to persevere and produce this work,” said Geza.

“From here we want to push to get this production out to the rest of the world and share this amazing story with them,” he added.


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