Rutendo recently outside the Embassy of Zimbabwe in Paris

Monday Inspi.R.ation: Unpack your thoughts

When you lay your head to sleep at night you are alone with your thoughts, desires and hopes. The least you can do for yourself is unpack these three things: Your thoughts, your desires, and your hopes. As you unpack, you mentally de-clutter and eventually attain a sense of clarity. If that clarity is only momentary, then unpack more frequently and whole-heartedly. .R.

Rutendo Denise, unapologetically.

Monday Inspi.R.ation: Don’t be afraid to cry

Don’t be so afraid or ashamed to cry. What do you think God created your tears for? To just store inside? For you to deny yourself release when you feel the urge to express your joy, fear, anger, love….? Nah B! Do not be so afraid or ashamed to cry. Your tears are a gift. Don’t be so afraid or ashamed to cry.  Work on your heart. .R.

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