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Cde Fatso speaks on Moto demolition

Outspoken, Locnation and Cde. Fasto spearhead the #SaveMotoRepublik campaign PIC: T. CHIMAMBAKWE | ZIMBOJAM.COM

“We were just as shocked as many people when the city council came through last week wanting to demolish the space. We have been here for close to one and a half years and we had constructed everything with the approval from council. So we were really shocked to see them come here saying they wanted to demolish the space,” said Cde Fatso one of the co-founders of Moto Republik.

As the uncertainty of what will happen to Moto Republik continues, owners of the creative hub have said they are taking all legal measure possible to halt the demolition of the space.

“We filed for an interdict to halt the demolition two days ago and our lawyers are supposed to appear in court today so we will let you know about what the outcome will be there.

“We had written to city council on Friday last week to hear the way forward but up to now they haven’t responded.”

Asked who was really pushing for the demolition seeing that the mayor, Benard Manyenyeni and the minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Saviour Kasukuwere are against the demolition based on their tweets in recent days Cde Fatso said, “ It’s not clear who is really pushing for the demolition and for what reason really.

“Minister Kasukuwere was here recently and we talked about the importance of the space and he is in support. The mayor who is currently on his annual leave is also in support.”

Could it be because Moto Republik is home to Zambezi News, the satirical comedy show that is always highlighting the flaws of government?

“I believe that if there are any issues outside the question of whether we followed the proper procedures of constructing this space, we can always meet and discuss the matters. I don’t think closing down the space is the way to go about it,” explained Cde Fatso.

The city council had given Moto Republik proprietors up to today to remove the containers or they would come in and demolish.

However, it appears the mayor’s 5:55 am tweet would have saved Moto, for now.

This afternoon creative are gathered at Moto Republik in solidarity with the owners and advocating for the demolition to be thrown dismissed.

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