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Chillspot reveals Why Nutty O is struggling

Nutty O back to back with DJ Tamuka staged a dope performance.

Nutty O is one of the most promising youngsters on the ZimDancehall scene currently.

But for close to two years now this has been the tag he has carried – always promising but failing to  find that breakthrough hit which shakes the entire music scene.

We always wondered why this was the case considering that his message is palatable to hard-core dancehall fans and music lovers in general.

Some have said that while his clean lyrics are good his storyline does not appeal to the ghetto youths. This might be true but it does not hold much water as not all ZimDancehall fans stay in the ghetto.

So what is the issue?

Based on a video released by Chillspot Records at one of their recent gigs we got the answer.

Nutty O’s greatest challenge is language.

By dropping bars in Patois on most of his songs, the lad sounds cool, a cut above the rest, but most Zimdancehall fans cannot hear what he is saying and the video proves it.

Whenever he sang fans would be silent and when his peers sang the crowd would go ecstatic.

However, on the track ‘Boomshelele’, people responded well because they could hear him.

So should Africa’s Finest, as he calls himself change and start singing in Shona or English?

Maybe not, the trick would probably be to stick to his comfort zone and once in a while drop songs that appeal to the masses.

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