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Ckanyiso the funny Rastaman

Comedian Ckhanyiso Datguy PIC COURTESY OF SIKHANYISO

One sector of the creative industry steadily growing in Zimbabwe is comedy. The laughing business continues to crack ribs, fill bank accounts and churn out new amazing talent.

The power of comedy has been too compelling to the extent that we now have a Rastaman cracking jokes too. How high I don’t know!

Quite fascinating that Ckanyiso Datguy aka Real Skhanyiso Mlambo chose comedy instead of Zimdancehall. No pun or stereotyping intended – 31 year old Mlambo from Bulawayo is a force.

He started writing jokes in 2008 but his first performance was in October 2012 at Simuka Comedy, at the then Book Cafe. Five years later his craving for stand-up comedy saw him become a full time comedian with Umahlekisa comedy club in Bulawayo.

Donning dreadlocks and drabbed in blending Rasta colors, the comedian brings the street and Reggae vibe to stage with his ghetto inspired jokes. Quick-witted and unapologetically funny. Each time he gets on stage Ckanyiso literary leaves the audience high with his crossfire comic dose.

Skhanyiso Mlambo aka Ckhanyiso Datguy doing his thing on stage PIC: COURTESY OF SIKHANYISO
Sikhanyiso Mlambo aka Ckhanyiso Datguy doing his thing on stage PIC: COURTESY OF SIKHANYISO

Mlambo draws a lot of the stories from his high density neighborhood where he also enjoys being the centre of attention.

“I just love telling stories,” said Ckanyiso.

“I always wondered what stand-up comedy was till I watched Katt Williams doing Its Pimpin Pimpin and I told myself this is easy, but somehow I still didn’t understand how I could do it.

“It was in 2008 after watching Doc Vikela’s performance that I started researching more and watching more comedians. From then until 2012 I was gathering information and writing jokes,” he shared.

Though he had spent time preparing, his debut show was not too good.

“Unfortunately, my debut stage performance at Simuka in Harare was not close to anything I had seen on TV before so I stopped performing and read some more.

“I moved back to Bulawayo in 2013 and continued in the background but only writing and not performing until 2016 when I met Ntando van Moyo and he gave me a slot at Umahlekisa comedy club.”

With help from Ntando who now is his manager, Ckanyiso has been perfecting his act.

One key requirement for comedy to thrive is freedom of expression to be tolerable. Ckanyiso thinks the November 2017 events in the country have promoted freedom of speech.

“I think we can say a lot more than we could before the fall of Mugabe. There is still a bit of intimidation and fear though.

“The new era has given us more things and characters to joke about, hence making comedy industry a bit more free and diverse in content,” he remarked.

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