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Comic Pastor fires warning shots at Hip Hop cats

A scene from the Comic Pastor's video shoot with Mitchell Chiyangwa PIC: COURTESY OF PIXLE BOYS

So a few days ago, Comic Pastor was trending on social media for something way out of his league, and that is music.

The skit maker dropped quite a cool track, ‘Olinda Ndidewo’ making fun of the whole Tytan, Stunner and Olinda situation.

After listening to the song, many concluded that the pastor could actually have a future in music, especially hip hop.

When Zimbo Jam spoke to him, he confirmed this line of thought.

“I can write songs and if I was to get serious I would see some guys leaving music, I won’t mention names,” said the Comic Pastor.

“Some of our hip hop artists are not creative they lack that thing that makes music appealing.

“I only find a few of them original, I have respect for the big dawg, ExQ.

“He has stood the test of time, still coming up with sensible lines. But the rest ngavauye tiite comedy,” said the shade throwing pastor.

Asked whether he will be dropping more singles he said, “Maybe, who knows, I intend to apply for the NAMA’s.”

The pastor however refused to enter for the Zim Hip Hop Awards

“I will not enter for the Zim Hip Hop awards because they are flawed. I don’t apply for awards that are never on point,” continued the comedian.

The Comic Pastor confirmed the video shoot for his single was going on smoothly.

“The video is being done by Vusa Blaqs. I don’t have definite date but I can tell you it is staring Michelle Chiyangwa. What might delay are the Olinda shoots that we are expecting if all goes well,” revealed the pastor.

He says he chose Michelle to feature in the video because she has been a loyal daughter in his church.

“We chose to use Mitchell in the video because we had no one to play Olinda this side. A real rich girl ane twunhu twake, and also she has been a member of the comic church from its formation – she has always been saying whenever you need help call on me,” said the pastor.

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