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Grow up Bongani – Circuit Party

Bongani Kumbula told to grow up - Circuit party PIC: COURTESY OF KUMBULA

Last week we ran an article on how disgruntled former member of the Circuit Party, Bongani Kumbula took to Facebook to express his disgust by the way his comrades had treated him resulting in his dismissal from the urban movement, the Circuit Party.

This led to a lot of talk amongst those who were part of the movement and trying to decipher the future of this unique initiative.

After a lot of speculation, the remaining members of the Circuit Party have responded by telling Bongani to grow up.

Below is the response from the Circuit Party to Bongani’s Facebook rant:

The Circuit Party is not one person, or any one of us for that matter…  It is the spirit of the movement we have all come to love.

 We’ve always made The Circuit Party to be a platform that is all-inclusive, and feature various artists, musicians and DJ’s.  Seeing how the post by Bongani Kumbula regarding his exclusion and removal from The Circuit Party has now reached a fever pitch, and has been picked up by the press (www.zimbojam.com/will-circuit-parties-continue); We now feel that we need to address the situation and tell our side of the story.

Bongani alleges that he started this party series. He did not, and it wasn’t conceived the way he stated. It was indeed born out of the 30th birthday party he mentioned, but in its early days, had no name or framework. A few weeks later, a meeting was called by one of the members (at a well-known location) and a proposal was brought forward to start a party series. At the same meeting, the name was given.

When asked if the crew should throw another instalment of The Circuit Party for August, Bongani responded “I’m Out”. He was not ‘kicked out’ as he states in his post. The subsequent event was then scheduled for Sep 8.

The remaining Circuit Party members did not question why he was out, and left it at that. As Circuit Party members had always removed ex-Circuit Party members from the WhatsApp group, so was the case with Bongani Kumbula.

There was no need to state “so-and-so are no longer part of The Circuit Party” in the flyer as he points out in his post, as that does not make sense – especially from a design perspective. The Circuit Party collective had always tried to build a brand. Our community is small, and with that in mind; we surmised that the word would spread on its own, but not like this. Professional courtesy in a fickle and public realm such as social media would have been wise and expected.

Before posting his rant, Bongani blocked every remaining member of The Circuit Party from Facebook and WhatsApp. We had no idea that this had been posted until days after he did, and until now, don’t know what other allegations and damming statements he has made. Until we do, we can’t fully address every statement and subsequent responses he has made to any post comments.

Once Bongani stated “I’m Out”, we did not feel that we should even urge him to stay, because put quite frankly, his contributions were not seen to be sufficient to the needs of the event series, and be in line with our vision. His main job was to take pictures and videos. Unfortunately, he only produced one single video for the first Circuit Party we ever did, and failed to produce finished imagery and visuals for a number of other Circuit Parties. Until now, we are still yet to receive finished videos dating back to last year.

We have managed to – for one day in the month – create a place where people from all races can mix and mingle whilst listening to the deepest Hip-Hop vinyl cuts, and dancing to the craziest reggae/dubstep remixes. No one man should be allowed to bring that down.

We have a great party scheduled for tonight – September the 8th at “On The Roof” at Travel Plaza (Corner of Josiah Chinamano and Mazowe St in The Avenues). It features an amazing singer Buhle, and Ota on keys alongside the main DJ for the night – Turntablist – DJ Trickx.

To the people who have grown to love and enjoy The Circuit Party experience, come through tonight for yet another epic party under the stars. Yes, The Circuit Party will continue!

And to Bongani we say, you chose to leave The Circuit bra. We all make bad choices from time to time. No need to use profanity and insult your former place of work because of your bad decisions.


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