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Hwindi comes to life at Alliance

O'Brian Mudyiwenyama will be Hwindi at the reading PIC COURTESY OF ALMASI COLLABORATIVE ARTS

An exciting free staged reading of the script for a pilot TV show, ‘Hwindi is set to be staged at Alliance Francaise on April 20 for free.

This has been made possible through a collaboration between Almasi Collaborative Arts and Treasure Media.

“The pilot script for Hwindi was written by Andrew Iliff and Farai Mudzingwa and will be performed in a staged reading format in front of a live audience.  This will offer the production team an opportunity to work with actors and get feedback before production on the TV pilot begins,” read a statement from Almasi Art associate artistic director, Zaza Muchemwa.

Hwindi is a comedy TV series that satirises the intense madness of Zimbabwe’s kiya-kiya economic hustle through the eyes of Trymore, a successful kombi-operator whose business is destroyed by the regime at the moment of his greatest triumph.

As everything crashes around him, Trymore and his allies scramble to pick up the pieces in the face of their adversaries: the inflexible tax office, an elderly prophet and a violent police department. When his roof collapses and his own wife walks out on him, Trymore must rebuild both his life and his business.

“The Staged Reading of Hwindi TV series pilot is part of Almasi’s staged reading series. The staged readings are designed to advance dramatic literacy in the community. Dramatic literacy is a crucial component of powerful, excellent dramatic making. A noticed component needed in Zimbabwean dramatic arts development is the comprehension and in-depth analysis of excellent dramatic works that have come before.

“ Without an awareness and understanding of some of the greatest dramatic works, the Zimbabwean dramatic artist cannot develop to the level of dramatic literacy necessary to create compelling, well structured, dramatic works. Almasi’s goal is to facilitate excellent new Zimbabwean works into existence, works that can compete on a global level and leave behind a Zimbabwean dramatic literature legacy. Staged readings also nurture dramaturgy which allows for the portrayal to be rich, resonant and specific to the placement of the play in time, space and moment in history,” further read the statement.

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