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I’m the best there is – Carlos Green

Carlos Green in his song NeNdege

“Whenever I get into studio to work on a track, I do it with the intent of making sure that people who hear it know that I am the best there is on the Zim showbiz scene,” said a cocky Carlos Green.

Zimbo Jam bumped into Carlos earlier this week and he was grateful for the support his fans had been giving him for his latest single with Andy Muridzo, ‘Ndidaire’.

Explaining the idea behind the track which comes with a fairly done video he said, “On Ndidaire, Andy and I were just having fun, showcasing our artistic prowess.

“The main message we were pushing was that wherever we are people should take notice that we have arrived – vanofanha kutifila kuti tapindira.”

Green also revealed to us why he loves to collaborate a lot as opposed to going solo.

“I have realised that as a single artist I cannot please everyone so I collaborate with artists from other genres and by so doing I gain relevance to their audience. This will subsequently grow my fan base,” he explained.

The singer also shared with us that he will be dropping a 12 track album titled ‘Head-On’ towards end of year which features two international artists.

“Six of the tracks on the album are collaborations and the other six I sing alone.

“For now I cannot reveal who the two international acts are but fans should just know that this is the best project I have done to date.”

On why it is called ‘Head-On’, he said, “Like on the road when there is a head-on collision, its a sudden unexpected bang that will cause everyone to focus on me.

“Again, in such a scenario things get damaged and so shall be the careers of other artists because the project is just too good.”

Checkout the Carlos Green and Andy Muridzo video here:

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