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Why Impala Chose Cassper for their 10 Year bash!

Cassper performing at the 2015 SA Idols finals.

The leading car rental company in the country, Impala Car Rental celebrates 10 years in the business this Saturday with a big bash headlined by multi award-winning South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest at the Glamis Arena.

Having the rapper headline such an event comes as a shocker to us because Impala’s record in the promotion of music has seen them work more with contemporary artists.

To find out why they chose Cassper, Zimbo Jam caught up with Impala Car Rental founder, Thomposon Dondo who revealed that the idea came from his son.

“We were discussing about who should headline our 10 year bash and my 20 year old son, Ngoni said bring Cassper,” recalled Dondo.

“I had no clue who this Cassper was and had only vaguely heard his music on radio.

“Seeing I was failing to decipher who this Cassper was, Ngoni rushed to his room and returned with his clothes branded with Cassper’s name and it started to dawn on me just how influential this guy was.

“After a bit of research I then decided that indeed, Cassper was the right candidate for our gig,” said Dondo.

But why?

Continued Dondo, “Cassper represents the youth of today. They love him big time and in the next ten years, these youngsters will be at the pinnacle of businesses in the country and they will be the ones hiring cars.

“So we chose Cassper so that we catch them young.

“If tomorrow’s business people can identify with our brand now, it will be easier for them to do business with us in the future.”

Moving on, another question that some have been asking is of all animals in the jungle why would anybody want to be identified as an impala and not one of the big five such as the lion or elephant?

“Impala is our totem. Tiri vana chikona mombe vanoyera mhara.

So it is with that background that we decided to name our company Impala Car Rental,” explained Dondo.

The big boss also revealed that in the next 10 years they want to expand in the region and also invest more into local musicians.

“We want to take our business to Botswana and Zambia next. We are doing quite well in South Africa and we want to continue with this gradual growth into the rest of the region.

“We will also continue with our music promotion endeavour. However, this time we want to select about 10 artists whom we will work with closely.

“So that it does not just become an issue of engaging with them at shows and it ends there but to help the artist grow into a big brand on the showbiz scene.

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