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Inaugural EU film fest kicks off today

A scene from the film Almanya PIC: COURTESY OF ALMANYA FACEBOOK PAGE

The first edition of the European Union (EU) film festival kicks off today at Theatre in The Park till Saturday May, 20.
The festival presents film enthusiasts with vivid pictures of Europe’s societies in their all-encompassing facets and cultures, a wide scope of stories that engage and pay tribute to the common traits of human nature.

“We are very excited to bring this festival to Zimbabwe, and with it some outstanding European movies that will entertain and touch the audience. Cinema, however, is not just about entertainment. It is also about the expression of identities, reflecting the state of a society, of a community,” said Head of the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Philippe Van Damme.

“Our films are inspired by the core principles of Europe: unity in diversity; cultural, but also linguistic or even ethnic diversity; but unity of values, such as equality and democracy, as well as our social model.”

The diversity in narrative will take one from the sweeping streets of Rome, via excursions into Bolivia, New York and Turkey right into the quaint confines of an apartment in Prague and a depressing hotel room in Romania in the 1980’s.

“You will meet illustrious and loveable (or less loveable) characters, such as Eddie the Eagle, little Finn who just lost his mother, control freak Erika, and money thief David, who tries to start a new life on the Azores. Eleven screenings, spread out across five days, provide more than 1000 minutes of entertainment and food for thought,” read a statement from the festival organisers.

The festival opens with ‘Almanya’, the German award-winning tragicomedy that questions the sense of identity and belonging of Turkish immigrants and their descendants, thoughtfully and humorously reflecting on the most pressing issues in current Europe: migration and integration.

Throughout the five days of the festival, a minimum of two films will be screened every evening and entrance is free.


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