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More international plays & less church at Theatre in The Park

A scene from the play Black and white ain't colours

Theatre enthusiasts are in for a big summer with a host of international and local shows set to be staged at Theatre in The Park.

This was revealed by Daves Guzha, proprietor of the space at the staging of the show, ‘Black and White ain’t no colours’ on Saturday at the theatre.

“This show heralds the beginning of a new season that the theatre is entering as we come to the end of the year,” said Guzha.

“We are pleased to let you know that we will be staging a number of international plays this summer.

“Last week we hosted two South African productions, today we have our German friends teaming up with our own IYASA on this production.

“This coming week (meaning this week), we will be hosting another South African production from Wednesday through to Friday and am happy to say that we will also be having plays from Uganda and Zambia amongst many others,” he revealed.

He added that the theatre will be cutting back on the number of church activities it has been hosting.

“For a while now we have been hosting a number of church activities simply because we need money to keep this space running.

“However, I am glad to let you all know that we will be reducing these activities to accommodate more theatre productions going forward,” he added.

Guzha also emphasized the importance of collaborations to keep the sector alive.

“I encourage players in the sector to collaborate more as we are seeing here from IYASA and Germany’s Theatre Strahl-Berlin.

“We need to learn to share ideas and resources. That is the only way we can grow the sector and produce quality productions that then attract audiences to our shows,” continued Guzha.

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