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Josh Meck serves the fruit salad

Josh Meck Fruit salad graphics PIC: COURTESY OF JOSH MECK

Renowned bassist, Josh Meck will tonight, Friday the 13th launch his much hyped album ‘Fruit Salad’ at Alliance Francaise.

Zimbo Jam had a quick chat with the musician and he explained why he came up with such a title and his distribution plan.

Why call the album Fruit Salad?

I decided to name the album Fruit Salad because it’s loaded with different genres. Every track in the album is in a different genre but all fused in Josh Meck signature the thumping bass grooves.

The idea came about when I was looking at my biography and all the artists I have worked with as a session music, the different genres I had to learn through out my career as a session musician. So I decided to experiment and make an album with songs in different genres. Recently I decided to move away from just being a jazz artist to be a world music artist. This gave me an advantage to experiment with different genres and fusing different elements of music that I had never venture in as a solo artist.

How was the experience working on the salad?

It kinda took me away from my comfort zone which was good for my creativity.This album has House, Kizomba, Latin, katekwe, jazz and RnB. In order to get each and every genre right, I had to go thru a lot of listening sessions and getting inspiration from different artists worldwide to be able to give each song attention and the right quality according to the specific genre.

How many fruits are in the salad?

The album has eight tracks and I also feature Tytan Skhokho on one of the tracks which is an RnB track called ‘WE WANNA BE HAPPY’. Tytan laid a solid rap verse on this track and I fused the Rnb with some Shona hosho that resembles how they older ladies play hosho from Methodist church.

How is the sald tasting set up?

The launch is happening at the Alliance Francaise and Doctor Guramatunhu will be the guest of honor for the event. I will be performing all the tracks on the album. The band Jesa will be doing the opening performance and a speech from the guest of honor. I will also be launching my clothing line called the Josh Meck wear. Caps and T-shirts will be available for sale including CD’s.

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