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Meet Mantle, fresh gospel hip-hop act

Tawanda Manyara aka Mantle PIC: COURTESY OF PHOENIX MEDIA

In the past five years, hip-hop has become quite a popular genre explored by a number of gospel musicians. Acts such as Mudiwa, Courtney Antipas and Prophecy have become brands on the showbiz scene by dropping Holy Ghost loaded bars that cause tremors in the spiritual realm.

Now hoping to join the league of the aforementioned dexterous rappers is Mantle aka Tawanda Manyara. The new kid on the block dropped his debut EP recently called ‘Victory’.

A descent offering from a freshman but more still needs to be done on the production side – to make the product more appealing.

Zimbo Jam managed to chat with Mantle and got to know him a bit better.

Who is Tawanda Manyara?

I’m originally from Bindura but currently doing my trade in Harare. Married with 2 kids.

When did the music start?

I started doing music from a young age in primary when my parents bought me a small guitar. I then went on to learn how to play the piano.  I recorded my first single in 2010 called ‘Rhythm and praise’ but it never played on radio. I will probably release it sometime later. It is a hip hop track. Only in 2018 did I then release my first project which is the Victory EP with six songs.

Why Hip Hop?

I have always loved the poetry and skill that comes with hip hop and as such I thought let me do hip hop. I also listen to some of these Christian Hip Hop Artists like Lecrae, Da Truth, and Canton Jones. I have drawn some inspiration from there. My Music is more of the old school rap/ hip hop as that is the music I listed to more and fell in love with.

I have also incorporated some new school to cater for every hip hop genre fan. I ventured into Hip Hop because I realised a gap in the local gospel sector. There aren’t many hip hop artists in the sector to make as much impact and have come in to try and fill in that space.

Any Videos?

No videos at the moment but audios. In the next few months will be working on a video for ‘Ndakakosha’,  we will be updating as soon as we have started working on it.

And the name Mantle?

A Mantle depicts a responsibility that is passed onto someone through various means. I believe that what I am doing is leaving a mantle to those that coming after me to praise and worship God as well as preach the gospel through Hip Hop.

When is the next project dropping?

I will be dropping some singles before the year ends. Will do hip hop some RnB and possibly house but with a hip hop feel.

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