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A moment with Blessing, the warring worshipper


After having suffered a miscarriage yet filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, she never lost hope in God but kept pushing in prayer believing God for a breakthrough, till one came her way.

She says her God is a powerful God and that’s why she titled her latest single, ‘POWERFUL.’

This is a story of Qatar based worshipper, Blessing Florence Runyoro-Ndoro.

Zimbo Jam caught up with Blessing to know more about her and her plans regards music going forward.

Who is Blessing?

I am Blessing OTMHG (of the most High God), born Blessing Florence Runyararo Ndoro. I was born on April 10, 1986 in Makoni, Chitungwiza and was raised in the same place by my parents Mr. CJ Ndoro and my mom, Ntombizodwa Ndoro together with my four siblings, Rachel, Annah, Paul and Pauline.

Both my parents passed very early in my childhood so it was fun and games as we made life work together with my siblings all by ourselves.

We learnt to earn money and pay for each other’s fees at a very young age as well as putting food on the table and clothes on our bodies. Thank God we made it, though two of my siblings also passed on just a few years after our parents.

My brother Paul Ndoro who was three years my senior made sure we had a roof over our head, food in our stomachs and clothes but above all he took me and my sister to church just before the world had a hold on us.

I am forever grateful that he took me to AFM in Zimbabwe, the Mount Carmel Assembly where renowned Evangelist, TD Chiweshe was our Pastor.

When did the music business start?
I would never call it a business, I acknowledge it as a calling rather. The highest calling to ever be upon anyone’s life. One of the things that I discovered at a very young age is that I have a voice that is heard, I mean it literally (lol I am very loud) and also in the sense that whenever and wherever I sing or even speak, I naturally command attention.

That is a huge blessing as a music minister and artist. It means I can never be ignored. In my early teenage years as was the trend, I used to sing along to the likes of Celine Dion and some classics by R Kelly like ‘The World’s Greatest’.

I would sing aloud at night in the street as I walked to the shops on an errand such that people would always come out to see saying, “who is this girl with such a lovely voice singing in the night…”

A couple of times I was offered opportunities to sing secular music, but I found out that I could only sing other people’s songs and failed to develop my own so I let it go.

So eventually when my brother took me to church, the choir found me. It was at AFM where I learnt most of what I know about the fundamentals of music from our then music director now known as Minister Michael Mahendere who was back then affectionately known to us as Mkoma Micah.

I later moved to South Africa then where I was called to lead the choir upon my arrival as I ministered to the Lord from the very back. I then moved again to United Arab Emirates for three years and on the first day our Pastor then in Christ Embassy, Pastor Clever called me to join the choir.

My music ministry was brought to completion when I came to Christ Embassy Church, I found myself in the message that is shared therein as revealed to our man of God Pastor Chris by the Spirit of God.

I will never forget thanks giving service of 2014 just a few weeks before moving to Doha Qatar. For the first time ever in the region, a girl from Zimbabwe was handpicked by the regional pastor of the Middle East and Asia, Pastor Kay to sing my own composition as a special song on the most important service in our calendar.

This was the defining moment of my career as I qualified to be a member of the prestigious Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry in the Believers’ Loveworld Nation. I have never looked back since then.

Who inspired you to get into music and which artists do you look up to and why?

I love Sinach. I respect her ministry solely because she has yielded herself to the word and has allowed God to do whatever He wants with her life and I am sure we all see her prosper as a result of her faith in God.

What’s the title of your latest single and what is the inspiration behind it?

My latest Single is titled ‘POWERFUL’.

I can literally write a book about this song and how it came about. However, the long and short of it is that last year we had a meeting with Pastor Chris and he shared on the authority and power of a believer.

As he shared, he reminded us that when we received the Holy Spirit, we didn’t get a portion of Him, we received him without measure, meaning that all of God lives in my human spirit. He said “if you only knew how POWERFUL you are” that word remained with me and I knew it was a song.

I just wrote down the punch line of the song, then earlier this year trouble came challenging my faith and all that I am and I have been taught by my pastor that you bring out change from within you and what I had inside of me was that word.

The beginning of February, my husband and I found out that I was pregnant. We were excited grateful to God that we were having another child. Some three weeks later, on the 25th of February to be precise I noticed that I was bleeding heavily and I knew immediately what it meant, I could feel my emotions sinking and the mind was telling me to mourn “my loss”.

I called my husband who was at work and all he said was it is well and I said amen.

We went to the hospital later on and they told me that yes I had miscarried but they needed to perform surgery. They said a lot of big words to convince me that I was not well but I knew better, I said no to it and went home to pray. It was in prayer that the song was birthed, it was my warfare. I prayed from a position of authority knowing fully well that I have the kingdom of God in me and I prevailed. A week later I was cleared by the same doctors. I know who I am. I am ‘POWERFUL!’

What are your future plans after this single any plans of dropping an album?

I am putting together an album for sure which I am planning to launch live in concert right here in the heart of Doha Qatar. We are already planning the concert at PT Studios and we have dubbed it the ‘MY LIFE FOR YOUR GLORY CONCERT’.


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  1. That’s my powerful sister and friend right there! Oh yes the future is evidently bright and the world yours to take! Congratulations and loads of love from me and my clan!

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