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Mudiwa getting married?

Mudiwa Hood and his soon to be wife. PIC: COURTESY OF MUDIWA

On an annual basis, award-winning rapper, Mudiwa Hood gets the attention of music lovers either because his video is viewed as being too flashy for a gospel act, his lyrical content or beats are too similar to those of secular musicians or his having another fight with Stunner.

But another area which gets his Twitter or Instagram buzzing is the issue of who his girlfriend is.

On so many occasions Mudiwa has been spotted in the company of some gorgeous damsels, sometimes too cosy for just being friends.

However, Mudiwa has also said these ladies, all usually ‘yellow bones’ are just his buddies.

But it appears the 33 year old has found the love of his life.

In the past few days Mudiwa has been posting on his Instagram pictures of a lady he claims to be his girlfriend and hinted that she has already said yes to marry him.

Mudiwa's mystery lady. PIC: MUDIWA'S INSTAGRAM
Mudiwa’s mystery lady. PIC: MUDIWA’S INSTAGRAM

We are watching Mudiwa closely and we will be the first to let you know the date, location and time of the wedding.

One of Mudiwa's posts.
One of Mudiwa’s posts.

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