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Muzavazi launches Advanced Mbira Handbook


Trust Mutekwa, known within the arts circles as Ticha Muzavazi on Saturday launched his debut Mbira instruction book titled, ‘Mbira Nyunga Handbook’ at Alliance Francaise.

The book which can be used by an amateur mbira student without the need of a human tutor contains numerous song patterns developed from Nyunga Nyunga playing modes in the likes of ‘Kusarima’ and the popular ‘Nhemamusasa’.

Ticha Muzavazi who is both a mbira teacher and maker, says he saw the need to create more mbira content because it was lacking for those who wanted to learn how to play the instrument.

“Initially as a mbira teacher and maker, I realised that those who wanted to play did not have enough content at their disposal,” he said.

“For long people had been using literature from Dumisani Maraire’s handbook but the problem is that it was only centralised around one mode, and that is the Kukaiwa Mode but with this new one, learners are also exposed to the Nhemamusasa,Vamudhara, Kusarima and a dozen many other modes,” he added.

The new handbook comes with video tutorials that help learners with a visual experience in mastering how to play the instrument.

“The other new thing about this book that people will have to note is that it’s easier to understand because it has 85 video clips accompanying 85 exercises out of the more than one hundred that are there,” he explained.

He expressed unlimited gratitude at the response and the impact that the book has already made from all across the globe and professed optimism that this was certainly going to expand the popularity of mbira music.

“Masvingo and Mutare are waiting for the book and as we speak the book is in Australia, Switzerland and New York. The response has been incredible and I am optimistic that mbira music will never be the same after this,” he said.

Ticha Muzavazi also revealed that the book was in the process of being translated into Portuguese and French as a way of expanding its global reach.

“As I speak, the Portuguese translator already has his copy in Brazil and this coming weekend I am meeting up with the French translator and we will map the way forward from there,” revealed an elated Muzavazi.


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