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NASH PAINTS ventures into film

Princess Thandiwe and Bazuka in "State of Malambia"

NashPaints, the country’s biggest paint company is one of the few corporates that consistently invest in the arts sector not just when in need of cool adverts but even when the whole world does not know. They still invest in local talent.

For the many years they have been working with artists, they have spread from music to theatre and now they have sponsored their first movie, ‘State of Malambia’.

“Tinashe Mutarisi (Head of NashPaints) funded some of the sets and props of the movie hence covering a huge part of the budget requirements and also hosted the production for a week of the shoot giving us great comfort and other packages yet to be revealed but essential to production,” revealed director and producer of the movie, Marc Mandisoul.

He said the other chunk of the movie which cost $100 000 was raised via crowd funding.

“Money to fund production was raised through crowd funding and enlisting associate producers and investors in the production who also brought in production investment and these include Miesha Nyirenda, Alpha Sawasawa, Elroy Chatsanga, Ngoni Vere, Jack Chimbetete, Jason Mangena, Natasha Dlamini and Jefferson Muserera,” said Mandisoul.

The movie has a cast of over 45 speaking parts and various locations and related travel, costume designs and props , visual effects post production team and technical crew that need close to US 70 000 to pay not withstanding the marketing campaign and billboards that will come with the release of the movie, the total production value is no less US $100 000 for the project.

“We will release the movie  in December 2018 via cinemas, television rights to regional and international television networks. We have already attracted interest to acquire concept rights from one of the biggest global distribution platforms on the planet which shall be revealed in November once agreement is fleshed out,” shared the elated producer.

One wonders whether Mandisoul will be able to deliver the final product as he has in the past dazzled film enthusiasts with cool trailers but the film never sees the light of day.

“State of Malambia is produced by Entertainment Afrika  and there are no external partnerships as was the case with Zambezi project so no footage leaves our studio hence there is no risk of us being in a position where we relied on others like in the past hence the suspected sabotage

“I have ensured that I have all necessary resources to start and finish production in-house and all post is done within,” he responded.

The movie about a mythical kingdom features actors like Don Savania, Nakita Blake , Jefferson Muserera, Blekks Makwara, Elroy Chatsanga, Natasha Dlamini, Ngoni Vere, Zambian actresses Tanny Mwanabunga, Olipah Msumba, Zodwa Khumalo very popular of Dstv Zambezi Magic

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