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Nothing wrong with Winky D ‘Ngirozi’ video, but…

Winky D- Ngirozi

Winky D’s Ngirozi video which was released yesterday has been a topical subject on social media, with fans and music lovers in general having mixed feelings about it.
Some say it’s a hit whilst others say it’s a total miss.

We took time to analyse the production and after putting into consideration all factors that make a good video we found the production ticks most boxes.

Definitely, it will play on continental platforms such as Trace Africa and because it’s Winky D, his dedicated legion of fans might have already started gunning for it as the best Zim video in 2018 – we won’t be shocked if it gets one of the top spots on the Coca-Cola Top 50 Video of the year list.

Back to the technicalities, the sound and picture quality are pretty on point, but one keeps thinking there is a 1990s feel to the video. It doesn’t have that ‘brand new’ feeling to it. Then there’s the storyline; linear and unexciting.

The question is always how does a production stand when it’s placed next to the top work coming out of Zimbabwe, Africa and the world. We’re struggling to put this video up there even with some of the best videos coming out of Zimbabwe right now- which is where it needs to be.

Winky D has struggled to make videos in years gone by. He has been shying away from making them but due to pressure from fans. Also with the shift towards visuals as opposed to just audio, the world over, the Gafa has been forced to adapt and it appears he is struggling.

For an act which has spent over a decade in the game learning from the best of the best, surely more could have been done on this video.

The first mistake Winky made was to engage the services of a director who has been on a solid five-year sabbatical from making music videos.

With due respect, Enqore Mlilo is a superbly talented creative but on this production, he showed that his a bit rusty as his style is very dated and the script like we said earlier, very linear and mundane.

Ngirozi is too big a song and Winky D who received a cool $70,000 on his album launch should have surely gone an extra mile to make a video that people will play years after and say what an epic piece but well they played it safe.

This video is a testament that the highly conservative Vigilance clan now needs to start evolving its thinking patterns if ever Winky is to be a force outside Zimbabwe.

People have made noise because they know Winky has the potential to do way much better than this and if it’s a funding issue, his brand is big enough to attract funders if those managing it have the know-how of luring investors.

We expect better from Winky.  He has what it takes so arise and do it pachifinhu finhu.

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