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The party starts at 8 O’clock

The acts set to perform at the first edition of the 8 O'clock Show, Squash, Prayersoul, Taz, Adrian and Tytan. PIC: COURTESY OF TAZ

Revelers in Harare are in for a treat starting this Friday as a new musical concept is being birthed at Alliance Francaise dubbed the 8 O’clock Show.

But why such a name?

“This show will be a monthly event starting at 8 pm hence the name, 8 O’clock Show,” said one of the acts performing at the gig, Mehluli Moyo aka Taz.

The first edition of the show will also feature Prayersoul, Adrian Tate, Squash and Tytan.

“Because the show is going to be an exhilarating musical experience which is created by all of us as a group. I would say we are all the brains behind the show,” said Taz explaining who had come up with the idea.

“Each artist has a role to play in giving direction to the show so the show in its entirety will be a fusion of all our different characteristics and personalities. This is what will make it so amazing.”

Taz also revealed that going forward they will be changing the performing acts and even incooperating some gospel musicians.

But what will be the constant factor that lures people?

“The show will remain a two hour show. The second thing that will remain constant is the main purpose of the series, which is to have a collaborative effort which brings in not only different artists to perform together but also brings together different sectors of arts. We have left room to include other types of artists such as poets, and also bring in other genres of music in the future,” he revealed.

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