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Harare Parties with Roki

Harare came out on Saturday night, June 23, 2012, to party with Roki at his official welcome home bash held at Red Bar in Newlands.

The ousted Big Brother Africa housemate arrived a quarter of an hour after midnight in a chauffeur-driven Toyota Prado with his manager Bybit, girlfriend Melody and long time buddy Lovedale, aka Discord.

Not as many people as had been expected came out though as there had been fears earlier that the small venue would not be adequate for the gig.
Roki was ushered into the VIP area of the club through a back entrance where he chilled a bit with close friends before he came out onto the DJ’s platform much to the ecstatic delight of guests. There were loud screams as he greeted Zimbabwe and thanked people for all the support.

The DJ then played his hit track Chidzoka and it was serious business all up in the club as the dance moves came out. Roki performed a new track with MC Chita and then came down to receive hugs and kisses from a few fans, before retreating to the peace of the VIP area.

Roki arrives at Red Bar for his party.

Roki (right) arrives at Red Bar for his party. With him (L to R), his girlfriend and baby mama Melody, friend Discord and manager Bybit.


Left: Evangelista Mwatse & friends, Right: Shastro and Stunner

Left: Happy to be here- Actress Evangelista Mwatse & friends. Right: Swag daddies - Shastro and Stunner.


Cindy & ExQ

Urban Grooves artists came out in full support of one of their own. Here, Cindy & ExQ pose for a picture.

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