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Pictures: Africa Fashion Week 2012 - Zimbabwe Showcase

Three of Zimbabwe's top fashion designers, Joyce Chimanye, Maita Marimo and Intisaar Mukadam took part in the Zimbabwe Showcase at Africa Fashion Week in Johannesburg last night, October 26, 2012.


Their outfits were well received, with editor of New African Woman Magazine, Gina Jane Jere, telling Zimbo Jam after the show, "That was amazing. Zimbabwe's time has come."

Here are some of the threads that she was referring to...

Zuvva by Joyce Chimanye

Zuvva by Joyce Chimanye. FUNGAIFOTO | INONZI MEMORY


Maita Marimo by Maita Marimo

Maita Marimo by Maita Marimo. FUNGAIFOTO | INONZI MEMORY


Intisaar by Intisaar Mukadam

Intisaar by Intisaar Mukadam. FUNGAIFOTO | INONZI MEMORY



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Fungai is a writer, photographer and web developer. He is the founding editor of, and, among other web portals. He has also worked on websites for HerZimbabwe, Inonzi Memory, Weaver Press, Tuku Music  and others. He is passionate about using information communication technology as a development and empowerment tool and conducts training in this area. He contributes articles and photographs to numerous publications.


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