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What they said at the Zim Hip Hop Summit

Stunner stresses point at ZimHipHop summit PIC: S.MOYO | ZIMBOJAM.COM

The first ever Zimbabwe Hip Hop Summit came and is gone – but the conversation is still running deep in various spaces and corridors. The convention, a creation of Jibilika Trust was held as part of the just ended Shoko Festival. It had 28 panelists drawn from Zimbabwe, UK, USA, South Africa, Brazil and Norway.

One question on most people’s minds is whether the summit achieved its intended goal, well what will happen on the hip hop scene over the next year best answers this question.

However, the general feeling amongst those in the sector is that the ground breaking platform provoked crucial conversations on pertinent issues not only affecting or applicable to hip hop but a lot of them with a universal appeal.

Below, Zimbo Jam highlights some of the things said by both panelists and audience at the summit.

“It has become so easy for many people to rap coz now everybody raps,” Cal_vin.

“The current state of hip hop in Zimbabwe is confused. Do you want to work or you don’t want to work? Are you here for the women or you just want to annoy people saying you have made a dis song?” Stunner.

“The question is are we serious as artists. Can the audience take us serious,” Mr Hingis.

“How we pushed it forward back home is we said we gonna do it ourselves. We gonna build it ourselves and we do it so well that radio wants to buy in,” Slikour (SA).

“It’s all about authenticity. Bringing up an original style of your country or bringing authentic norms and values of your country,” Rumbidzai Takawira.

“ZIMURA last year used 40% of artists revenue from royalties for its own administration which is doing nothing,” Phil Chard.

“The only way to change things. I am going to be running to be a board member for ZIMURA in three years,” Karizma.

“Everybody here, their perception of being a rapper is that American artist and that’s where your struggle starts,” Slikour.

“Self knowledge and Information are very vital. When you disconnect with your roots, even when it rains you are not going to bear any fruits,” Slikour.

“Sell something that people want to buy, simple,” Blaqs.

“It’s not always about the money but barter trade and collaboration. It works,” Probeatz.

“Companies will not want to invest in a brand that will cost them,” Mudiwa.

“As hip hoppers if you organise yourselves we can offer workshops on business and entrepreneurship. Just get organised,” Joel Gombera (CBZ Bank)

“Be a businessmen and be a brand, you will find the direction,” Ba Shupi.

“ZIMURA let artists get registered for free and get your $80 from royalties afterwards,” Sharky.

“As an artist be a mirror and not a spectator,” Ashley Yates (USA).

“When you openly speak out and say what needs to get fixed for the genre to grow then you are seen as the problem,” Noble Stylez.

“The problem is not that we don’t have artists telling the real story of Zimbabwe but radio stations and DJ’s deciding which story to put out there. If you tell it like it is they will not play you,” Maestro IV.

“You have to come to the capital city for your business to be heard,” Anonzi Xnder.

“We can’t afford to be divisive based on language or the type of music. As African let’s support each other,” Mambila (SA).

“You guys are settling for crumbs because when I look at guys like Mudiwa, Stunner and Ba Shupi. This is talent we are talking about and you guys must be having money but you don’t,” Patson Dzamara.

“What you have in Zimbabwe is one of the most powerful hip hop artist in the world and she is female, Awa!” Ruth Daniel (UK).

“A lot of the music that you guys are producing is sh*t and you still expect us (radio DJ’s) to play it,” Lady K.

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