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Stunner blasts Vusa Blaqs

Stunner performing in Harare PIC: ZIMBABWE24SEVENNEWS,BLOGSPOT.COM

Award-winning and controversial rapper, Stunner has blasted rising music video producer, Vusa Blaqs for his failure to be deliver artists videos on time and worse more, produce very mundane material at the end of the day.

“…Can someone explain to me why Vusa Blaqs and his team think it is sound business to delay (Takura) a paying client’s product by three months, with no delivery date in mind? Fine maybe he was perfecting his art but boom it came out and what a shitty job he done after he had insulted my ‘Ndoenda’ video on YouTube comments, you could have called Andy Cutter to tell him that. Anyway…,” posted Stunner on his Facebook page a few minutes ago.

Stunners rant continues, “Like people always say to me and I applied, be humble Mr. Blaqs, I won’t mention how many artists are crying coz u have suddenly become so arrogant and instigating things like Shona/ Ndebele what what…”

The rapper raises a critical point in the aforementioned second statement there, for it is indeed true that a lot of musicians have been complaining about Blaqs arrogance and failure to deliver their videos on time.

It is alleged that rapper Tehn Diamond, ended up having to do a reshoot of the video for the track, ‘No Stress’ in South Africa, after Blaqs failed to deliver the product.

However, what is baffling is that not a single one of these so-called paying artists has sued Blaqs over his failure to deliver goods on time.

Read the rest of Stunners post below:

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