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Stunner mirrors himself in Tytan’s video

Stunner cheating in a scene in Tytan's new video, Bho

Award-winning rapper Desmond Chideme has left tongues wagging after playing a controversial role in which he is cheating on his woman on Tytan’s new video, ‘Bho’.

The video which was released on Monday has Stunner as a groom on his wedding day with his first appearance drinking wine with his friends in clear celebration of the big day that was laying ahead.

The lyrics then hint on the gist of the story when they sing “Everyday achingokucheater, machicks akawanda achingomubeeper. Whatsapp  ine lock code (Everyday he cheats on you with many women beeping him and his Whatsapp has a lock code).”

This can be related to what has been exposed by the endless fights between Stunner and his wife Olinda were the latter blamed him for texting and calling other women including his ex-lover Pokello.

“Ngizokuyenza inkosikazi, ubengowami umfazi sithandane (I will make you my queen, so you become my wife and we will love each other),” added the lyrics.

This has been reminiscent of the Facebook rants by Olinda were she questioned what had happened to all the promises that Stunner had given her, after finding out that the rapper had broken them and cheated in their marriage.

A notorious Stunner then appears kissing one of the bridesmaids while standing on the stairs, leaning against the wall and at that moment his prospective wife, the bride walks in to this shock of her life then out of devastation, she walks away to mourn.

Indeed, people are familiar with how Olinda found out that Stunner was cheating on her and took it to her Facebook to mourn and cry out for sympathy on the destruction that had befallen her marriage.

In the end Stunner comes across a piece of cloth that had been left by his wife to be and with a face filled with regret, it is at that moment that he found out that she had left him, quite reminiscent of how in one of the interviews he had with Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, he admitted that he regretted cheating on his wife and that he would undo his mistakes if ever he was given the chance.

Meanwhile, Olinda appeared on Ruvheneko’s show on Tuesday saying she was done with the inconsistences of both her marriage as well as her husband and that she was divorcing Stunner for his continuous cheating tendencies.

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