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Sylent sets the pace for 2018

Sylent Nqo, the guitar sangoma in action PIC: MIKE WALL | NAFUNA.TV

He ended 2017 on a high with Afrobeats jams such as Punyungu and Gitare – the later is still doing wonders for Sylent Nqo on chart shows but the singer has other plans this year.

Many who know the youngster can confirm he is endowed with inimitable musical dexterity that only the heavens could have breathed into him during the days he was woven in the dark of the womb – and his brand new single, Mubvunzo is a display of the divine hand in his work.

Drifting away from the now all popular Afrobeats to some sombre Afro fusion grooves, this song speaks to the soul of the listener. Even if you do not understand the meaning, your spirit will just endorse it as a tight jam.

In the song that was released on Monday, the ‘Guitar Sangoma’ asks God why life is filled with so many hardships.

The arrangement of the track reveals how Sylent is growing as a musician.

The track is amongst the best compositions in 2018 when we look at musicality and not popularity – definitely not bubblegum stuff.

The sangoma has set the pace for 2018 to his peers such as Bryan K, Tamy Moyo and Tahle, who have potential to be the next Zim stars.

Take a listen to it below and share your thoughts…


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