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Tamy is hot property

Music sensation, Tamy Moyo PIC: COURTESY OF TAMY MUSIC

If you thought dancehall singer, Killer T was hot property then you ought to think twice because we have discovered some even hotter property.

Yes! That property is 19 year old musical sensation, Tamy.

Talk of  killer looks, she has them, talk of the smile, its on point, character is always on flick and to top it off she has amazing vocal timber that is unmatched by the current crop of local female recording artists.

Just yesterday she dropped her second single of the year, ‘Ndyeke’ and all we can say is that it is way beyond her.

No doubt that she is the future and on this song she proves why she was a 2017 NAMA nominee as she slays it in similar style like her icon, Beyonce.

It’s hard to believe that it is her own composition because the writing prowess is also just way out of her league – but it is her work.

‘Ndyeke’ premiered on Star FM yesterday and one listener called in and said that the track makes Tamy Zimbabwe’s soul supreme.

Still lost in thought as to how she came up with such a deep track, Zimbo Jam asked Tammy what was going on in her mind when she dropped the track and she said, “When I wrote the song I was thinkin about how to put across    such a universal matter in a very musical way, heartache being the matter.”

“Not only that, but I could relate a little to the issue of heartbreak,so i began writing off my experiences, but more so wanted to write something outside the box.

“So with the help of one of the most gifted producers today Chiweddar we came up with the track.”

The soulful love jam is a must listen to those who love they music cool and soothing, especially on a sunny and windy August like the one we having in Zimbabwe right now.

Onto other matter’s, we also asked Tammy what her plan is regards videos and she said, “Yes videos are essential. Have partnered with some of the best directors Zimbabwe has seen, one of them being Andy Cutta.

“So hoping by end year I should have at least three videos out including one for Ndyeke.”

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