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Tuku album, a breath of freshness

Tuku and the Black Spirits, pulling off the dzvamu dance on the track Shingirira

Times have changed, digital music productions have become the in thing world over.

However, all that digital hype cannot fully overshadow the sweetness of recording with live instruments.

This is the effect that the brand new Tuku album has.

Titled Hany’ga the 10 track album comes as a needed alternative to the Zimbabwean market as majority of the trending artists such as Jah Prayzah, Ammara Brown, Soul Jah Love and Winky D are all making their music, predominantly, digitally.

Pure digital recordings without the inclusion of live instruments have killed the wow factor of hearing the drummer do a dribble on the kick, accompanied by an off time roll, closed off with a solid strike on the crash cymbal.

Imagine those scintillating chords played by the pianist adding flavour to the rhythm section, buttressed by the inimitable licks on the lead and bass guitars has now disappeared with many artists going for the Afro beats route.

Tuku’s new offering comes and gives the market a much needed variety, a sure breath of freshness.

In typical Samanyanga style, most of the tracks are cool and laid back which will go well with a glass of wine on Sunday afternoon as you watch the sunset in your garden whilst the birds sing their last songs for the day.

Samanyanga’s simplicity is just complicated on this project.

Majority of the tracks follow a mid-tempo groove that is spiced up by well-placed jacks that cause those with a musical ear to smile.

But not to worry for those who love to dance the legend has a track for you titled ‘Shingirira’.

Another exciting factor about the album is that the variations in progressions and tempo cause each track to arouse different emotions in the listener.

For instance on the track ‘Haasati Aziva’ which tackles issues of early child marriage the arrangement makes it very different from ‘Wanza Sorry’ a track that speaks of importance of respect.

Overall the project is by far much better than Samanyanga’s last two offerings and will most likely appeal to people of all ages across the social strata.


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